We  are creators of a more inclusive and connected world.


We highlight the Creators and innovators of our world while also dropping bits of gems and knowledge along the way but knowledge only turns into wisdom when you use it. So poke around, listen to some of the interviews, support the talent presented, connect with us, and give some feedback. We only grow and move farther together.

Instead of advancing by putting others down, let's succeed by aiding brilliant minds, sharing ideas, and expanding the possibilities of our future.

Let's not limit our mindsets, rather let's help one another and give breath to all ideas. Let's put all the true cards on the table, create a healthy challenge/competition, give each other a fair run for any opportunity, and Earn the title knowing that no rock was left unturned on the way.

Only by seeking challenges can we hope to find the best in ourselves.
— Robert Rodriguez

So what does Freedom mean to you?

For me, Freedom is a State of Mind. It's how you live your day-to-day.

If you're here, you're finally ready to create habits of success, work in your purpose, and learn how to set the foundation for your creative success.

Just remember that you are bringing whatever you imagine and dream to you everyday.

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Elaya Walker
Founder, Freedom Strategist